IMS Company Profile

Who We Are

Inventory Management Specialists (IMS) is a supply chain and operations management consulting company that assists clients in lowering overall costs while achieving excellent customer delivery performance.  We are excellent at quickly assessing your supply chain challenges and prioritizing solutions.

Our Knowledge Base

Our depth of supply chain consulting spans start-up companies with little supply chain infrastructure to multi-billion dollar corporations that need to scale their supply chain to meet their growing complexity and rapid changes in market demands.  This diversity of experience ensures a supply chain that is tailored to your specific organization.

Our Value

We have spent many years living the roles within many supply chain organizations.  This means we understand:

  • Why finished goods and raw material inventory are not optimized to meet your customers’ needs
  • Why contract manufacturers and suppliers can’t deliver product on time and respond to demand changes
  • Why manufacturing costs and lead times are escalating and why your organization has yet to deliver efficiencies in their processes.
  • Your customers’ needs for shorter lead times and greater flexibility, while assuming less liability for inventory

What You Can Expect

We deliver results without much hand holding.  We are passionate about our vision, strategy and the value we deliver to our customers.  There is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution for every client.  Every supply chain is different and requires out of the box thinking while achieving results that weren’t previously imaginable.  You will see this passion for delivering results in everything we do.  Getting high value from IMS invariably results in getting high value from your supply chain.

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